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Choosing your futures #4

January 30, 2012


So far we’ve talked about throwing an anchor into the future – an anchor strong enough to hold firm as you pull yourself forward on the anchor line against strong currents going in other directions. But maybe some  currents are flowing in the direction you want to go. – Certainly that’s the case for those […]

Choosing your future #2

January 24, 2012


As outlined in the last post you can lock yourself into a life change by contracting to pay a very painful price if you fail to follow the plan. You can pay with money or a treasured possession. Or, you can contract to pay a high psychological price,  by parading outside your place of work or […]

Who decides your future… you or them?

January 18, 2012


Science has some answers, but not all the answers. Science says that several things shape your future, including your genes, your early childhood experiences (how the twig is bent so grows the tree), the place and culture  and time you happen live in (for instance the USA, Canada or North Korea or Iran in 2012), and […]

Contstructing reality #10

October 30, 2011


Where do you get your biases, your super-biases, your mini-biases, your life-long biases, your temporary biases? In the last post we talked about the biases you inherited as a member of the human species, such as fight and flight reflexes, fear of strangers and the dark, attraction for sweet taste and avoidance of bitter taste […]