P.S. – Constructing reality #11

Notice that all ten  of our ‘constructing reality’ posts are based on the same meta-model or super-bias. Namely, that we construct reality by relying on biases or models to filter and organize sensations (e.g., light and sound waves) and calling the resulting constructions ‘reality’ or ‘truth’.

The origins of this meta model or super bias include: Herb Simon and his mantra: no conclusions without premises (i.e., without assumptions of biases) and his concept of ‘bounded rationality’ and the need to cut inputs down to mind size to accommodate that bounded rationality by relying on trusted biases; Dan Kahneman and his related proposal that we further accommodate our bounded rationality by selectively cherry picking readily available inputs or evidence supporting our biases or models; and finally Stephen Hawking and his ‘model dependant realism’ and his proposal that the reality we ‘discover’ depends on the models – trusted assumptions or biases – we use.

In brief – our meta-model boils down to: “No reality or truth without trusted biases that cut the buzzing confusion down to mind size.”

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