Hawking’s ivory tower playpen

Peter: ” Is Stephen Hawking the next Einstein?”

Professor Wiggly: “I suspect not, but who knows? Both of them played in ivory tower  play pens – ivory tower boxes. Both produced exciting, blackboard solutions – surprising promissory notes – to important questions. Einstein promised that you could produce massive amounts of power (energy) from tiny bits of matter (mass). But it remained a promissory note until other scientists and engineers worked out a way to test it – and produced the atom bomb, and atomic energy. ”

Jenny: ” So both Einstein and Hawking produced blackboard solutions that excited other scientists, but so far only Einstein promissory note has been  successfully tested outside the ivory and worked.”

Professor Wiggly: “Not only did the test impress other scientists but the results – atomic bombs – impressed the public as well. You didn’t have to be a scientist to appreciate the importance of Einstein’s promissory note. Hawking’s ivory tower promissory note – that you can produce the universe from nothing is different. At this stage no one knows how to test it – it remains a blackboard solution, with the vague claims that physics has  now replaced God. Don’t hold your breath on that one.”

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