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The Store…

October 29, 2010


Chapter 4.  The Store© David and his cousin Paul were groomed to take over their grandfather’s department store. Gramp said they were a good combination – Paul was good with numbers and David was good with people. When they were still in public school the boys started worked after school and Saturdays, starting at the […]


October 28, 2010


Chapter 3: Clint.© You marry someone, you think of them as an adult, as grown up. Only very gradually does the child hidden inside start to peek out… sneak out. Both David and I lost our fathers before we were six years old – his died, mine ran away with his secretary.  So shrinks will […]

The principal is an A..hole!

October 27, 2010


Chapter 2: The School Principle is an A-hole.© In Grade 8 David had a run in with Stinky Davis his school principal. Every Friday afternoon students assembled in the basement for ‘music appreciation hour.’ They’d sit in rows on long benches listening to Walter Damrosch conducting the New York Symphony Orchestra playing classical music like […]

I married a shrink

October 26, 2010


I Married a Shrink By Ophelia McKewan Chapter 1:  Do you take this man…? They say those who become shrinks do so hoping to solve their own personal problems. They say that those of us who marry them are unconsciously seeking help. I’m Philly. I married David. He’s a shrink. Part of this story I’ve […]