Posted on March 14, 2013


The Trouble With Science

Jenny: “If I’m going to learn about atheism who should I read?”

Peter: ” Why waste your time, they’re just as biased as the religious extremists.”

Professor Wiggle: ” Dawkins and Dennett are both smart, but Chris Hithens is smarter. He remembers what other big brains forget. He remembers that arguments  in both religion and science  arise from faith-based reasoning. In a sense all reasoning is faith-based reasoning.  But Hitchens claims that faith-based reasoning ‘is the beginning – but not the end – concerning all arguments’ about science, religion and human nature. ”

Jenny: “What’s he mean when he says faith-based reasoning  occurs at the beginning – but not the end – of all arguments?”

Professor Wiggle: ” He seems to  believe – naively  as we’ll see – that while religion starts and continues to rely on faith-based reasoning, whereas scientists rely on faith-based – or theory based – reasoning…

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