Choosing your futures #4

Posted on January 30, 2012


So far we’ve talked about throwing an anchor into the future – an anchor strong enough to hold firm as you pull yourself forward on the anchor line against strong currents going in other directions.

But maybe some  currents are flowing in the direction you want to go.

– Certainly that’s the case for those who want to give up smoking. Not along ago we lived in a smoking friendly culture – almost everybody smoked  … everywhere!

Now? Now it’s hard to find anyplace to smoke, let alone with compatible company. Rather we see embarrassed smokers huddled outside their office building and bars like homeless bums.  The cultural currents against smoking are strong and pervasive.

Are there other strong cultural currents flowing in the direction  you want to go?

For instance what are your grandchildren doing… where are they flowing… perhaps leaving you behind? They’re spending increasing time and energy in a different ‘reality’ – a virtual reality. Do you lack a passport.

Those studying the future see it increasingly populated by “knowmads” (see:


Knowmads are explorers, creating realities as they travel into the world of many futures including an expanding symbol space.

Notice,  the most valuable corporation in the world is not an auto manufacturer, or even an oil company. It’s Apple Computer producing little machines that let’s you create futures – machines that let you create and fly in cyberspace.

Is it real?  Not in the sense that a rock, or a cow, or a  car are real. But symbols can shove our traditional realities  around. Think of these powerful  symbols: “e=mc2”  …. “I hate you” … and look at  what symbol space can do with bullying symbols? Those symbols can push a teenager to suicide… to shut down their future!

OK … you may not be able to afford (financially, physically, emotionally, mentally) the entry requirements of joining some future flows – too much time, training, lack of opportunity or of supporting cultural colleagues or groups.

Old dogs, new tricks

Many older folks feel that way about joining the computer world, the internet, cyberspace. That reluctance, inability or inaccessibility drastically shrinks their future. Nevertheless the old adage holds: “where there’s a will their’s a way.”

For instance?


fig: Old dogs:

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