Who decides your future… you or them?

Posted on January 18, 2012


Science has some answers, but not all the answers.

Science says that several things shape your future, including your genes, your early childhood experiences (how the twig is bent so grows the tree), the place and culture  and time you happen live in (for instance the USA, Canada or North Korea or Iran in 2012), and lady luck has a large influence (being in the right or wrong place at a certain time – win a sweep stake, a drunk driver in the next lane, the economy booms or collapses, your plane hit by lightning, your plane is delayed and you happen to meet your future meet while waiting for another flight, etc.)

So, much of science is starting to say that you  have little or no control over your destiny… over your future – it’s the luck of the draw –  your future depends mainly on what you were born with, and where and when you happen to live.

What about free will, what about New Year’s Resolutions?  Science says that free will is a myth, that most resolutions don’t work,  and those that do only work because your world happens to be travelling in that direction anyway – in brief you would have changed direction  because the cultural train you ride on changed direction – for instance anti-smoking laws came into force, the economy boomed, etc.

But there’s something to be said for free will because most resolutions work for at least a few days. Is there a way to make them last longer?

Yes there is!


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