Changing futures #4…

Posted on December 13, 2011


First, we have the popular model that claims that we change our futures by acts of free will, planning and hard work… for instance New Year’s resolutions.

Chance deals the cards

Second, some entertain the less popular model that our futures are at the mercy of chance events over which we have little or no control… for instance by chance you were born in North America rather than  North Korea and that single event – over which you had no control – makes  a massive difference in your possible futures. Chance, in the beginning and throughout your life deals you cards – good and bad.

Yes the American Dream says that no matter what hand you were dealt at birth, and subsequently, you can be anything you want. And while it’s true that a few people born on ‘the wrong side of the tracks’ make it to the top,   it’s a lot easier to get there if you’re dealt a few aces at the beginning and along the way.

Stop and think – what kinds of cards has Lady Luck dealt you – at the beginning and along the way? North America or North Korea? Strong immune system or weak and sickly, male or female, smart or not, Class: upper? middle? lower?, healthy happy kids or not? Good match in a mate, or not? Great Job or not? Etc?

Was Lady Luck good to you? Or Don’t you believe in luck?


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