Your Futures #2…

Posted on November 24, 2011


The last post discussed the change of a light weight future – the way you remember Humphrey Bogart. It’s a change, but it doesn’t have a big impact on your life.

Big self-image change

That’s very different from a change in a heavy weight future – for instance like a change in your self-image. I have a friend who had a car accident in which his wife was seriously injured – ending up in a wheel chair. He’d had a few drinks. It changed his current and future self-image from relatively positive to painfully negative. His future was punctuated with personal loathing every time he pushed the wheel chair – no escape from that ugly unfolding  future!

And how about his wife – how about her self-image… how about her unfolding future?

Reclaiming futures

And yet some are able to reclaim positive futures even under such dire circumstances.

In future posts we’ll explore changing futures; light weight changes, sh0rt and long-term; and heavy weight changes, short and long term – some accidental, some planned. Many that are planned like New Year’s Resolutions –  don’t last – but some do. How come?

The wheelchair incident is an extreme example. Can you think of less extreme personal experiences that significantly changed your long-term future.


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