Your Future???

Posted on November 23, 2011


Your future???

Bogy & Kate in African Queen

Maybe we should say your futures…. because many of them keep changing?

Unfortunately some good ones drop out and bad ones replace them.

Fortunately, some bad ones disappear and good ones fill the space.

Some futures are light weight like planning to go to a movie or dropping into a singles bar – a pick up… maybe a one-night stand. Some are trivial like memories that resurface once in a while.

Consider a one trivial example… Humphrey Bogart. Until I saw his performance in the African Queen his future, in my memory, was a stereotype – a skinny, cranky tough guy with too many teeth. But that changed. At the beginning of the picture he’s the scruffy captain – and crew – of the African Queen, a small ramshackle steamer. He’s  having lunch with Katheryn Hepburn and her missionary brother in tiny cottage in the heart if  Africa. It’s steaming hot, sweat runs down their faces and  Bogart’s stomach is audibly grumbling and rumbling. Everyone notices, tries to ignore it, but it persists. Bogart’s facial expressions are hilarious. In that short time Bogy  establishes a new future for himself in my mind. He’s transformed from the tooth lisper to a belly busting comedian. Now when I want to populate my immediate future with a laugh I recall that scene.

It turns out it’s not as trivial an example as it sounds. Apparently recalling funny experiences – ones that make you giggle – is an effective technique for controlling chronic pain. A method of  managing painful futures.

Think of some of your changing futures: a new job, an accident, marriage or divorce, a newborn child, a death, an election, lost your temper, a mortgage, an old flame, one drink too many… etc.

You  lose one bad future … and gain another?

You lose one good futue … hopefully gain another.

Is your lifeline  future getting shorter? Or longer?

We’ll see.

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