Whacha think? #4

Posted on September 10, 2011


In ‘Whatcha Think #3″ We concluded that  ” the “reality” we construct  depends on the detectors we rely upon  – eg., light  waves, sound waves, x-rays, gamma rays – and the particular modeling and recording system – frog brains, bat brains, human brains (person 1 or 2 or 3…or whoever), computer  brains (computer #1 or 2 or 3 or whatever), photo sensitive paper, etc.

So Joe relying on light waves (sees) Jane talking to Pete and his brain constructs and records his reality of  jealousy and rage. Whereas Helen, relying on both light and sound waves, constructs and records her reality of Jane rejecting Pete’s advances . Pete and Jane of course construct and record their own realities.  So now we  have four moving realities being constructed and recorded and over time reconstructed and re-recordered (e.g., forgetting and new experiences).

The world shook

Notice, we’ve moved from the traditional view of reality as a relatively stable phenomena to viewing it as an ongoing construction and reconstruction of chains of messages generated by different models, by different detectors (e.g., light waves, x-rays, etc.) and recording systems (brains, cameras, etc.). we’ve moved into a world ( or worlds ranging from whirling subatomic particles to  skyscrapers and jet liners on 9/11)   with many realities, we moved into Hawking’s world of ‘model dependant realism.”

Are you coming along?

Watcha think?

Whatsa cockroach think? What’s changed at the sub-atomic particle level, at the gamma ray level?

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