False teeth tales…ugh!

Posted on August 26, 2011


1. Overheard at lunch in a retirement home:

“After every meal my hubby used to take out his false teeth and clean them. After lunch one day when he had them out  I said:’ I said Frank, give me a kiss…  I want to see what it feel like. So he did. You know I almost fell down his throat!”

False Teeth

2. Overheard in a hospital room.

Janet  asks her husband George what happened to Harvey, the  elderly gent in the next bed. George told her that poor Harv had  died during the night. He continued: “Ya know the darndest thing happened this morning when I put in my dentures… they didn’t feel right….they didn’t fit!

Janet: “Oh my Gawd they wern’t ….?”

George: ” Yep, they were Harvey’s.  Finally got mine back  ….  they feel fine.”

3. Overheard at a nursing home one wintery night with the snow piling in drifts across the roads. “You know Bill the first road they plough after every storm is the one leading from here to the funeral home.”

False teeth: flickr.com/photos/burnside-denture-clinic/5571433577

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