What’s real #5…?

Posted on August 19, 2011



In brief we’re saying that every bit of ‘reality’ or ‘truth’ depends on who, when and where it is packaged. So we’re saying that every package of ‘reality’ or ‘truth’ depends on the context within which the target truth or reality was constructed. Furthermore, it can be reconstructed by each person it passes through – like any message can.

For the next hour or so consider how a target truth or reality (e.g. a statement made by a friend or colleague, or a headline, or package of pills) depends on the context of who, where, when, etc., and how it starts changing as you focus upon and/or change the context. For instance read the qualifying insert (context) included in the package of pills, or ask your friend how he knows (context)  what he claims is true, or consider the editorial policy (context or bias) of the news source providing the headline.

We can’t afford to do this for long… we have to be blind to the role of context most of the time about most of our realities or truths. If we questioned more than a tiny fraction of the truths and realities we encounter (construct) we’d go nuts. Or would we?

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