Your life – luck…Good? Bad? #2

Posted on July 1, 2011


In the last blog we found that at birth lady luck dealt you a good or bad or average hand. For instance by chance you got  a good hand: born a tall male, with a strong immune system, in the US rather than a slum in India, and luckily into a socially and economically enriched family or clan. Or unfortunate, again by chance, you’re dealt a bad hand, born female in Bangladesh with a poor immune system, bad complexion into a low caste family or clan. You can play with other possibilities: born black in the US into a poor single mother family. But the point remains – the hand that lady luck deals you at birth – like it or not – tilts the future in your favour or against it.

Lady Luck

But lady luck’s not finished with you yet. She keeps dealing you good or bad cards for the rest of you life including your first grade teacher – good or bad  – to being dealt  Alzheimers at age 55 through no fault of your own. Or, by chance, the second world war started as you graduated from high school and by chance you had a good or a bad war, or as you graduated from high school or college the economy’s  booming and you rose with the tide – no great credit to you, or by chance you hit a recession and you sink with it – not your fault. Whatever happened chance kept dealing, keeps having a major influence on the quality of your life. By chance you meet your future wife sitting in the next seat on  flight to Chicago, by chance she’s got a good or bad immune system, by chance healthy kids or the doctor shows up late, difficult birth and first child handicapped for life, or not, and/or while driving to work an idiot in the next lane is drunk, cuts you off, bad accident by luck you’re seriously hurt, or not, you move into new house…good nieghbors or monsters from hell, your teen age daughter get pregnant or not, your son hooks up with good or bad gangs … you get a good boss or a–holes from hell …. by chance! The corporation you work for thrives, good pension, good retirement, or it goes bankrupt … no fault of yours… lousy retirement, or maybe you invest with Bernie Madoff, money pores in… for a while and then you lose it all, or your lucky number finally works and you win the jackpot … and move to Florida… or have a heart attack.

Like it or not Lady luck is always along for the ride.

Think about it… what were some of the cards she dealt you… any really good ones…. any really bad ones… or a average mix???

So you’re the master of your fate, the captain of your soul… but you still play with the hand, in the game, lady luck keeps dealing: good, bad or average.

Stop and think – how strong an influence did lady luck have on your life from the beginning and subsequently?

Lady Luck:

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