Your life – good luck…bad luck?

Posted on June 30, 2011


Lady Luck

Did you ever stop and think how large a part luck plays in your life?

A minor role? I am the master of my fate… the captain of my soul?

Maybe not! I’ll try to make the case that luck or chance plays the biggest part in your life. Then you decide.

Go back to the beginning. Where were you born? Bangladesh or the USA? If the USA you were dealt an ace right off the bat.

Health? Were you born with a strong or weak immune system. If strong you get another ace. Short or tall, Male or female, etc?

Male or female? If male another ace. Although the women are gradually catching up men still make more money and control the major positions of power in the networks of power.

Born into a poor or rich socioeconomic family or clan? If the latter you get another ace.

So notice, at birth you’re dealt a relatively strong or weak hand – these cards don’t guarantee a happy, successful life but they sure gives you a head start.

Do you now agree that luck or chance plays a larger role than you thought  in shaping your life?

But lady luck’s not finished with you yet as we’ll see!

Lady Luck:

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