Science – a deal with the devil?

Posted on March 15, 2011


Fig 1 Hi Tech Devil

Are our scientific chickens coming home to roost?

Did we make a very bad deal with the devil – with Satan dressed up as Science?

The deal? The DEAL was this: ‘we’ll mortgage our souls – our futures – if you gives us science and  so share some of your secrets, some of your power.’ He bought the deal and it was great – for a while. We got electricity, cars and planes, air conditioning and TV, longer lives, supermarkets, stock markets, martinis and holidays in the sun. What a deal! But now we seem to be losing our power – so we’re starting to pay with global warming? With long life but accompanied with crippling arthritis, incontinence and dementia. With great hospitals harbouring  super-bugs we can’t control. With an addiction to oil, diminishing supplies and high risk drilling followed by disasters. Increasing reliance on atomic power that’s starting to leak out of the bottle. Japan now – who’s next. Our scientific knowledge is turning out to be a dangerous thing.

Fig 2: Out of the bottle

There are those like Richard Dawkins and Hitchens who claim that religion is dangerous. But without science religious wars

Fig 3 Superbug

Fig 4 Global Warming

were small relatively local affairs fought with sticks and stones. Religion alone has never been a threat to human survival. But now the products of science do threaten life on this planet – oil leaks, global warming, super-bugs, atom bombs. Science has let the lethal genie out of the bottle and has no idea how to get it back in. As Einstein said those who set themselves up as judges in the field of truth and knowledge are shipwrecked by the laughter of the Gods. So Dawkins and Hitches get ready for your tsunami!”

Fig 1:

Fig 2: atomic bomb

Fig 3: super bug

Fig 4:  Global warming

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