Shrinks as vending machines..

Posted on March 6, 2011


Peter: “Did you see where this psychiatrist just wrote a book saying that shrinks no longer have time to listen and talk to their patients – they can’t make enough money doing that – Governments and Health Insurance Co’s won’t pay big bucks for that stuff. Instead the patient names a symptom and the shrink gives them a prescription – quick in, quick out, and money in the bank. Notice how drugcompanies advertise their prescription drugs to the public so we can tell the shrink  what pill we want.  Pretty soon shrinks will justhave a vending machine in their outer office, you come, punch a button indicating your symptom, enter your credit card number, and out drops you package of pills. In the meantime your money is deposited directly into the shrink’s bank account. He’s not even in the office, he’s out playing golf.”


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