Collisions with the future…

Posted on January 17, 2011


The day before Christmas I banged into the future … literally!  I’d gone shopping and rewarded myself with a late lunch – a nice glass of  red wine, a steak – medium rare – finishing off with a luscious chunk of warm chocolate cake and ice cream with my coffee. As I drove home I thought life is good, slammed on my brakes too late as I rammed the car ahead.

The silly beggar had pulled up at a stop light – in fact he was backing up. Well he seemed to be backing right at me when we collided. Then the  light changed, he turned right, I followed him ready to exchange insrance info. All of a sudden he pulled a u-turn and disappeared. How come? Was it a stolen car? Was he drunk? On drugs? That’s what I asked the nice young officer who came to my house when I reported the accident. He shook his head, no the guy – expecting me to follow him had  pulled around the corner into a service station expecting me to follow him.The guy claimed he wasn’t backing up. He thought I took off!

The cop commented that both of us erred in not staying at the scene of the accident – oops.  He liked cats and Willy one of  mine jumped up on his lap and purred. Then he asked me whether I was a veteran. I told him I’d been in the Navy  and ‘limped’ over to show him a picture of my ship.

Since there we no witnesses to the accident he didn’t  know which of us to believe, and since it was Christmas, and since I had a nice cat and since I had been wounded defending my country, he wouldn’t charge me with careless driving.  But next time please don’t sail into innocent cars waiting for the light to change. And make sure you remain at the scene of the accident.

That was a close call. Lots of fun playing telephone tag with my insurance company during the holidays, no collision repair centres open, car rental agencies closed.

One split second I take my eyes off the road and I spend the next three weeks troubleshooting, costs me time, and money and peace of mind – good will on earth…. humbug!

It got me thinking.  ‘”Life is just one collision after another with the future’.”