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Posted on January 5, 2011


Professor Wiggly: ” Rather than thinking of science vs religion I prefer to think of science AND religion, to think of evidence based reasoning and faith or theory based reasoning. I agree with Hitchens that all reasoning is faith based (or in Hawkings’ language based on  models). That is based on incomplete samples of experience where we fill in the gaps with faith,  theories, guesses, and  biases. Some scholars believe that science and religion help us manage different kinds of problems. That science  helps us deal with so-called physical systems where we have access to certain kinds of trusted observational evidence – certain  incomplete bits or samples of sensations collected by trusted instruments (microscopes, telescopes, etc.). And these bits of ‘evidence’ are tied together with faith-based reasoning (theories) to provide a picture or model of ‘reality’.

Jenny: ” So you’re saying that scientists rely on faith-based or theory based reasoning to provide ‘models’ of reality – models that are constructed of bits and pieces of sensations held together by trusted – faith-based –  theories. And when we don’t have access to bit and pieces of  observational sensations – for example about the future – then our models of reality are faith-based.”

Peter: ” So scientist like the rest of us travel into the future on imaginary bridges – they call their bridges ‘theories’ and dress them up with fancy mathematical lingo and we call ours faith, beliefs, hopes,  hunches, biases, BS – but were both traveling on imaginary bridges. So Dawkins is blowin smoke out of  his ears when he promises that science can map the future?”


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