From stubbed toes to electrons…

Posted on December 30, 2010


Jenny: “When you stub your bare toe on a rock it’s pretty darn RE – AL! Then you feel Hawkings is blowing smoke. But if you buy the physicist’s model of reality, the model that everything including rocks and toes are nothing more than invisible bits – electrons, molecules, strings… whatever – then you have to buy the idea that all of our so called realities are nothing  but models or theories or beliefs built out of selected bits of experience – my realities, a dog’s reality, a bat’s reality, Peter’s reality, a Republican’s reality, Oboma’s reality, even Peter’s  reality, even Peter’s models, even Peters Model Dependent Realities may have as much claim to being right as mine, or the Professor’s….Gawd!’

Peter: “Good try Jenny, but as the old Professor’s hero Herby Simon says, no decisions without emotionally anchored assumption or biases – or else you run around in circles or go nuts, or can’t make up your mind, or blindly follow some dumb bigot. So I’m doing just fine with my models of reality … which tell me that Hawkings is up his nose when he leaves his ivory tower.”

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