Watcha think?

Posted on December 29, 2010


Jenny: ” I find it hard to really accept the idea that I don’t have direct access to REALITY. I understand what  Hawking’s is saying about ‘model dependent realism – that there’s so many signals or sensations bombarding  our brains all the time – sensations from outside (seeing, hearing, smelling, touching)  – and inside (thoughts &  feelings) that the brain has to pick and choose (ignore some, distort some, miss some,  forget some) so my picture or model  of the outside ‘reality ‘ must be incomplete,  simplified and distorted. But even though I understand what he’s saying  nevertheless when I’m operating in the flow of living I accept that the picture I get of the outside world as REAL!”

Peter: ” Me too!” I think Hawking’s is smoking something – sort of out of it – maybe has his head stuck down one those black holes he talks about.”

Jenny: ” I’d like to have some of the people who read this blog tell us what they think.”

Peter: “Yeah, readers how about telling us whatcha think? We need help.”

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