Hawkings, physics and daily life…

Posted on December 21, 2010


Jenny: ” So Hawkings is saying what we call reality is the result of  relying on models, beliefs, biases that enable us cut the sensory  overload down to mind size . We do so by cherry picking and linking selected signals from the overwhelming flow of  sensations. And your saying everyone does it ranging from druggies to Nobel Prize winners – we all construct our realities?”

Peter: “Well I’ve got a ruddy awful tooth ache – I want a model that knocks out that painful chunk of constructed reality! I sure as hell didn’t construct it. ”

Jenny: ” Well , apparently people can learn models that enable them the ignore or block out pain through a kind of self-hypnosis – sort of a pain killing model, they create a pain-free reality.”

Professor Wiggly: “Yes there are lots of examples of how different people ‘see’ or construct different realities, and also how the same people can construct different realities for instance you can flip from a rose-colored   reality to a bleak reality , or visa versa due to a shift in mood, a drug, a drink, a model  conflict or failure.”

Peter: ” What’s a model failure?”

Professor Wiggly: ” Well, one of your model fails when it leads to prolonged and  debilitating uncertainty, stress, depression, anxiety or physical illness. Conventional wisdom says this happens when one of your models or belies or  biases or theories  comes in prolonged conflict with REALITY. Hawkings would say a model fails when it comes in debilitating conflict with one of your other models of reality. Simon would agree except he replaces the word model with the phrase:emotional anchored assumptions.

Jenny: ” So that’s  like two of your strong  but opposing beliefs fighting with each other, which leads to an endless ‘should I or shouldn’t I, or suffering because you keep breaking New Years resolutions – your resolution ( new model of reality) fighting and losing against your old one – reflected in your habits. Or a scientist struggling with the question of whether or not he or she should could give up  one of their pet theories  (models of reality) that they’ve been working on for years in favor of another.”

Peter: ” So it’s better to be a bigot, you’re so sure that your particular model – your pet view of reality – is right that you ignore other models or muddles. OK so that explains how a bigot successfully handled possible internal conflicts between different models. What happens when he or she runs into external pressure from other models/ What happens when they run into social rejection or assault from strong groups with different views of reality? ”

Jenny: “Come on Peter you know the answer – it can lead to violence, even war and terrorism. Or it can lead to self-destruction, to actually killing yourself, or in the case of  Jim Jones – the cult leader – when his model of reality failed he killed all his followers with cool aid laced with poison and then himself. ”

Professor Wiggly: ” Can you think of examples where conflicting models of reality can lead to positive results?”

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