Joy to the world and us….

Posted on December 16, 2010


Jenny:” So Professor Wiggly as the holiday season arrives what turns you on?”

Peter: ” Yeah Prof, do sugar plumbs dance around in your egghead. What do you ask Santa to leave under the tree?”

Professor Wiggly: ” Funny you should ask… I’ve been wondering about that. Looking back over the years I  notice that I’ve stopped asking for Peace On Earth – the tooth and claw demons seem to be bread in our bones. For years I worshipped at the altar of Science – it was my major turn on, and I saw it as our salvation. But not only has it not brought us any closer to peace on earth but instead has progressively provided ever more lethal tools of mass destruction. ”

Jenny: “That sounds pretty bleak – are you turning into a Grinch?”

Peter:” Yeah, I’m glad you’re not coming to my house for turkey …. Professor Cranky.”

Professor Wiggly: ” Oh it’s not that bad. I still spend some great times at the scientific altar – worshiping positive achievements. But while regretting our capacity for hate increaslying I’ve been appreciating our capacity to love – falling in love… being in love – whether you’re a gangly, naive, stary eyed teen, or a creaky old guy or gal in a wheelchair living on fading memories – love is worth worshiping. The other night I was listening to Andrea Bocelli and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Christmas Carols on PBS – I cried. I thought at the time that our human capacity to love, and to produce and appreciate music – since the dawn of time –  are perhaps our greatest gifts from the Gods or the Big Bang. Greater even than our capacity to solve puzzles or make scientific discoveries or constructions. When our little planet reverts back to cosmic dust ‘observers’ from outer space may look down, or up, or sideways and say: ‘Well before they blew themselves up  they loved, they drummed, they sang.”

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