Finding a safe place…

Posted on December 11, 2010


Jenny: ” I like the mother and baby elephant! It made me wonder – do I have a safe place? I’m not sure that I do?”

Peter: “What about your family, or your boyfriend …?”

Jenny: ” Well … I suppose. I guess I could go to them for ‘safety’. But I’m thinking about something I’d have with me all the time… maybe like self-confidence?”

Professor Wiggly:  Maybe we should be thinking about safe places. But Jenny has asked an interesting question – looking for a safe place she could carry with her all the time. She mentioned ‘self confidence’ – but that’s kind of fuzzy… what  in particular about your self is safe? Your appearance … your beliefs …your skills…? ”

Jenny: ” I think it’s my beliefs… maybe the strong confidence I have about some of my beliefs.”

Professor Wiggle: ” Ha, we’re getting back to confidence, recall Herb Simon and his Novel Prize for his conclusion – no decisions without emotionally anchored assumptions. So a personal safe place could  be one that’s emotionally anchored to certain beliefs about the future. A scientist who has faith – has high trust – in his or her theory has a ‘safe’ though imaginary bridge on which to walk into the future. A religious believer also travels on  a ‘safe’ but imaginary bridge. Anyone who has blind faith in the bridges they rely on to carry them into the future has discovered or created a safe place. For a baby elephant it’s uncertain bridge into the future is its mother. A baby elepant doen’t know about poachers sneaking throughy the bush looking for ivory.”


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