Who’s right?

Posted on December 8, 2010


Peter: “You don’t have to look very far to see how people rely on beliefs and biases about the future –  millions of Americans believe the Republicans are ‘right’ and millions more trust the Democrats. The evidence from past performance is no guide – both have goofed big time – so we have no choice but to go with our guts.”

Jenny: ” What about scientists, they’re suppose to be rational and weigh evidence carefully.”

Peter: “Ha ha! You’ve got scientists who are raging republicans and others who are raging democrats – how rational are they?”

Professor Wiggly: ” If you take a scientist out of his or her lab they have the same trouble making decisions about the future as the rest of us – the evidence is unreliable and conflicting. Even when wearing their white coats, even when working on their pet projects they must make their decisions based on incomplete and conflicting evidence – they must make them on the basis of scientific beliefs and biases which they call ‘theories’. Their theories about the future are always incomplete – they have no hard evidence. That’s why science is blind. That’s is why the by-products of science pose  such potent threats to human survival – super-bugs, global warming, nuclear war. The legacy of science includes both the best and the worst, includes both heaven and hell on earth.”


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