Most effective damage controls….

Posted on December 1, 2010


Penny: ” I found the that the most effective damage control for me was the argument that claimed that by releasing the secret files they were putting the lives of soldiers and security workers at risk. So we’re not perfect – that’s not news, but at least we’re not stoning women to death – you know honor killings.”

Peter: “For me the most important damage controls were those that made the point that so-called secret files were the  scribbles or current thoughts of people in the field – they weren’t official govt policy. Anyway, when you’re at war you get worked up, you say and do things that you wouldn’t orinarily do or say.’

Professor Wiggly: ” Yes, all of say and do things in private that we wouldn’t do or say in public, but we expect public figures to meet a higher standard. Even though we’ve heard our Presidents say things when  the they thought the microphone was off that they wouldn’t say if they thought it was on … such as: “So and so is an A..hole. I suspect that some of the most effective damage control was done before the secret documents were released when , for example,   the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton phoned other heads of state to warn them that the documents to be released might contain inflammatory comments which should not be taken seriously, should not undermine our ‘friendly’ relationships. She may even have added that the US sometimes behaved like a bully and they’d have to mend their ways. That’s one of our most effective methods of damage control … to admit you’re not perfect and apologize, although for some of us apologies stick in our throats… we may even gag on them.”


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