Getting it really right!!!

Posted on November 27, 2010


Penny: “I asked myself: what is one complex thing that we get REALLY right? My answer is music! I watched a David Foster special on TV  last night. Various singers that he’d worked with performed – it was so beautiful. I cried. Think of the hours, the years they’ve committed to getting it really right. I think I vote for music  – everything from classical to pop – as our greatest human accomplishment.”

Peter: ” Come one Penny – our greatest human accomplishment has to be science – , penicillin, electricity, atomic power – you name it!”

Progessor Wiggly; ” Science seems to be the obvious answer Except when you stop and think about it, the by-products of science such as super-bugs, global warming and atomic war present our greatest threat to human survival. When you realize that, then music looks pretty good.”

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