Faith based reasoning

Posted on November 11, 2010


Jenny: “But I’m not very religious…. I’m too young to worry about dying… I don’t pray or anything. Where do I get my bridges to cross into the future. I keep going there … what do I travel on?”

Peter: “You travel on hope, the dumb hope or naive faith that some movie producer will ‘discover’ you while your scribbling away at the great American novel in McDonald’s.”

Professor Wiggly: ” Yes, faith-based reasoning doesn’t have to be based on religion. Faith based reasoning occurs whenever we make decisions on the basis of incomplete or unreliable evidence – that is whenever we travel into the future. It occurs when we fill in the gaps of our knowledge with trusted assumptions. Some of those assumptions may be religious (that ‘God’ is looking after us, that there is an afterlife), or be political (that the Republicans will do better than they did under Bush), or economic ( free enterprise is still the way to go), or your assumptions may be medical (that the new wonder drug will cure what ails you without making you bald and growing hair on your knees), that you can go to work safely, take the elevator up to your office on the 54th floor, sit down at your desk, read the editorial of your trusted newspaper and do so without having a passenger jet fly into your building, and you  can put some significant money in the hands of your broker a member of the yout club – a nice guy whose name happens to be Madoff, or you presume that you can send your child safely to school, that the driver is sober and the teacher is not a sexual pervert, etc., etc.) Your day… your life… is filled – minute by minute with blind trusted assumptions.

Peter: “So faith based reasoning is the name of the game in science, in religion, in life!”

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