Safe places

Posted on November 10, 2010


Jenny: ” Professor you’re saying we can’t predict the future nevertheless humans have survived for thousands of years. We must be doing something right?”

Peter: “So have cockroaches – maybe it’s just dumb luck?”

Professor Wiggly: ”  There are several answers and dumb luck is one of them – except Darwin called it evolution. By  chance, by dumb trial and error,   bits of dumb matter – molecules – formed different planets and by dumb  luck some of them provided the conditions enabling dumb bits of matter to combine into living forms that reproduce, and by dumb luck – dumb variation – some of those forms – including cockroaches  found safe, nourishing places enabling them to reproduce, and eventually so did humans. So by dumb luck our particular combination of molecules has found  temporary safe places on a particular planet formed by dumb luck.”

Jenny: “But you say the future is uncertain. Some of those safe places have existed for thousands of years, the sun rises and sets, plants grow, we can accurately predict some parts of the future.”

Professor Wiggly: “Apparently, but just because something has happened reliably in the past doesn’t mean it will happen to occur in the future as the dinosaurs found out when a comet hit the earth, and as over 3000 innocent people in the Twin Towers discovered  on 9/11, or when some dies in a motor accident caused by a drunk driver in the other lane, or as tens of thousands of Americans who lost their home or retirement funds in the recent recession.”

Jenny: ” So according to the the theory of evolutuion there’s  no such thing as free will – as Dan Dennett the famous aethist says everything we do is caused by groups of mini-robots – neurological programs that run automaticaally – we’re like backseat drivers who only think we’re running the show. What about religious beliefs?”


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