Who the hell are you THING?

Posted on November 4, 2010


Penny: “Ya know this ‘thingy’ thing is getting curioser and curioser. I’m getting the feeling that it’s like an upside down pyramid balancing on its point. It’s like there are whole bunch of teenzy, temporary THINGS at the top – things that capture your attention for brief periods during the day –  noises, passing thoughts, short conversations, phone calls, diaper changes, etc – things that focus your full attention for seconds or minutes. But they do capture your attention, that’s why you have car accidents, spill your coffee, trip, etc because your attention is focussed elsewhere. Then there are multiple layers of THINGS below that, each layer capturing your attention for longer periods – some for hours like writing a report, preparing a meal, some for days like taking a trip, some for weeks, some for months, some for years, all of them balancing on one THING – the point of the pyramid, the most important THING  of all – your core belief about yourself – your self-image. Some of us find that KING THING early, some late, some never at all. So we wobble through life,  trying to keep our balance with the steading support of booze, pills, family, friends, fads…. whatever helps steady the pyramid for a bit. Am I getting the picture?”

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