Not quite…

Posted on November 4, 2010


Peter: ” Hey Jen,  an upside down pyramid balancing on its point is unstable… It won’t work without a lot of supporting superstructure!”

Professor Wiggly: “Peter has a point Jenny – but I like your idea of the pyramid balancing on its point. What if we combined your idea of the dynamics of a the  upside down pyramid resting on a strong point  – the strong, well-integrated self-image,  and Peter’s of  the need for a supporting superstructure so that stability depends on both. If someone has a weak self-image their stability depends almost completely on supporting superstructures, friends, family, social safety nets, booze, drugs, etc. On the other hand if the person has a strong self-image but lacks a supporting superstructure to add stability they’re unstable, at the mercy of the winds of change … for example the bigot who only attracts weak followers, weak superstructures…”

Jenny: “So you’re suggesting that the best we can hope for is a self-image strong enough to support the shifting loads of living, but flexible enough to attract a network of support (family, friends, institutions, etc. ) to help provide stability and flexibility?”

Peter: ” Yeah, and if you have a weak, wishy-washy self-image the point of your pyramid will go all squishy unable to support the burden of the layers of things above – like a drunk who can’t stand up without support from his friends. My parents would  say such a person has a weak ‘character’. What’s the difference between a bigot and someone with a strong character.”


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