Posted on November 4, 2010


Penny: “What about religious beliefs – are those things?”

Peter: ” Of course they are … for God’s sake.”

Professor Wiggly:” Well I think the answer is yes and no. For many ‘believers’ their religious beliefs are dusted off and paraded on Sunday or Saturday, or religious occasions and then put away in the closed til next week. So you could think of them as ‘Sunday things’. There are a bunch of special occasion things – I’m more interested in the kind of beliefs that drive behavior 24/7. For instance the belief in your immortality – most of us don’t think seriously about dying – our thing is ‘living’, its wired in during good times and bad til we get old or face a critical illness. Or maybe your way down deep self-image is what I’m trying to get at when I ask: ‘How’s yer thing?’ You know how some people seem to have found out who they are – worts and all – and seem relaxed in their own skin. Whereas others self-image or self-presentation seems to bounce around depending on the situation – it’s not clear who ‘really’ lives inside. Maybe they’re still looking for who they are, trying on different self-images for size, one that fits most occassions?”

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