Puny things…. robust things…

Posted on November 3, 2010


Jenny: ” Say some more about THINGS – it’s still fuzzy in my mind.”

Peter: ” Yeah – like a lot of things….in your mind.”

Professor Wiggly: ” It’s not simple. A “thing” is whatever grabs your attention. So it can last a second – like a strange noise – or a lifetime – like a mothers love for her child, a dedicated scientist’s search for a cure for cancer, a bitter enemy’s blinding compulsion for revenge, a sincere priest’s faith in God, an author’s repeated attempts to write the perfect novel, someone’s continued search and need for success, or wealth or respect.”

Jenny: ” So ‘yer thing’ is your main purpose or goal in life?”

Professor Wiggly: ” Yes YER THING  is your main purpose or goal in life. So when you ask ‘how’s yer thing’, you’re asking what REALLY turns you on big time, what you keep going after come hell or high water.

Penny: “Like sex for guys – it’s always there, either on the surface or a hidden agenda item?”

Peter: ” Or like unconditional LOVE for women, love me for who I am… not how I look, or how fast and often  I jump into bed.”

Professor Wiggly: ” Well there’s some truthiness in what both of you say. From an evolutionary perspective for males a primary – or foundation drive – is to reproduce, and a woman’s is also to reproduce and be protected and nourished while doing so. Yes, those appear to be primitive, emotionally anchored, drives or THINGS. ”

Penny: ” So when you ask a guy ‘How’s yer thing’ he should respond by telling you the number of kids he’s got, or the number of times he’s been laid. So Peter, “how’s yer thing?”

Professor Wiggly: ” While Peter checks his memory banks, let me add that while reproduction remains a primary THING, we’ ve built on or added a few more THINGS since Ogg and Olga lived in a cave. For instance being an accepted member of a group was also a THING in cave dweller days, but now the groups and networks have expanded so ‘membership’ is much more complicated. It’s now much more difficult to answer the question “how’s yer thing’ when you live on the WWW in the global economy. And how you’re doing can change so fast…”

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