Start identifying yer thing

Posted on November 1, 2010


Penny: ” How do you identify yer thing?

Professor Wiggnly; ” Ah Jenny, a good question. Not easy. Start by thinking of  US and THEM? If you can identify ‘us’ and ‘them’ you’ve already located one of yer things. As someone said  “we habitually divide the world between right-thinking, like-minded people and those fools who just don’t get it.” They may be Democrats or Republicans, Christians, Jews, Muslims or atheists; they may be swingers or stick-in-the-muds’. etc. But whatever the distinction – your particular belief or bias is one of your things –   a trusted stepping stone that supports you as you travel into the future – one of YER THINGS. ”

Jenny: “Ok, so I may have a lot of things, big ones small ones, strong ones weak ones. How do I know which are your most important THING?”

Professor Wiggly: ” Ah, that’s an interesting question. I’ll give you a hint. Many (most?) people never find out til it’s too late. For example until you lose one. It may turn  be a mate, a friend, a child, your job, your health. Noel Coward the famous British playwrite  claimed , when he was old,  that wealth and fame were great, but that he finally realized that his friends were the most important parts of his life. For Beethoven it was his hearing – when he lost it. Jenny, what do you think are some of your most important ‘things’?”

Peter; ” Her looks and her clothes, and what she studies when she’s looking in a mirror.”

Penny: ” Ha, Ha Ha – that’s funny coming from someone who’s ‘thingless’.”


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