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Posted on October 31, 2010


Peter: ” Still not sure what you mean by ‘yer thing’? Sounds a bit indecent!”

Professor Wiggly: ” Ah yes it does – sorry about that. What I mean is this. If we accept the fact that life – and particularly the future – is too complicated to rationally figure out – to  rationally map and manipulate accurately – then we have to have some way of  providing rules of thumb, hunches, maps or stepping stones we can follow. What I’m saying is that we rely on emotionally anchored beliefs or biases. Some of them obvious to ourselves and/or to others, like political and religious beliefs for example. Some are deep, down emotionally anchored beliefs about ourselves and flaws and talents, some good, some not so good. Lets ignore  the negatives for now and focus on the positives – on your positive THINGS. For instance someone may not  the smartest or the most successful , or best looking person in the world but their a damn, fine friend. Yup, you’re lucky to have them as your friend. If that’s the quality about yourself that you most admire, then that’s YOUR THING. Or in may be that you’re a great parent, or son, or daughter, or pianist, or story-teller, or musician, or garbage collector. Whatever it is that’s YOUR THING.”

Peter: ” But I’m not sure what my THING is? How do I find out?”:

Professor Wiggly: ” A lot of people don’t know what their emotionally anchored beliefs or characteristics are – what their foundations are. But it’s very important to find out because foundations provide a secure place to stand, to build on, to travel on, to sleep on, relax on. So that’s why I started asking people “How’s yer thing” – to get them started – actually to get myself started  figuring out what’s my thing? There was a kid on our block who wasn’t very good at anything til his uncle taught him how to ride his bike backwards – that became his THING for a while … I wonder what it is now?  Finding yer thing my not be simple but it’s important! But it’s there… somewhere.”

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