The principal is an A..hole!

Posted on October 27, 2010


Chapter 2: The School Principle is an A-hole.©

In Grade 8 David had a run in with Stinky Davis his school principal.

Every Friday afternoon students assembled in the basement for ‘music appreciation hour.’ They’d sit in rows on long benches listening to Walter Damrosch conducting the New York Symphony Orchestra playing classical music like Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony that went on and on searching for it’s ending. One Friday David was sitting between Glenny Warren and Joe Wheeler. Diane Wilson, Peggy Parker and Dorothy Barnes sat on the bench directly in front of them. Peggy sat right in front of David. Glenny kept digging her in the bum with the toe of his moccasin. She kept looking around. The principal spotted this snd later asked Peggy what was going on. She told him what David was doing!

After four David is called to the Principals office. Stinky accuses him of disgusting behavior. David says it wasn’t him. Who was it? David refused to snitch on Glenny. So Stinky tell’s him he’s going to get the strap but to wait outside for a while. At 5.30  Stinky comes out, says he hasn’t got time to strap him now and to come back after four on Monday. Stinky does the same thing on Monday and Tuesday. David’s in bad shape. He’s doesn’t want to bother his grandfather but he tells Dalt Robbins the hired hand at his grandfather’s fox farm. After four on Wednesday David sits outside Stinky’s office and who shows up but Dalt. He walks right into Stinky’s office – no knocking – and bangs the door. Five minutes later out he comes, motions to David to follow him … David looks at Stinky at the doorway… Stinky nods so David follows Dalt out to the farm truck.

Apparently Dalt and Stinky were in the same outfit during the first world war. Dalt says:” Stinky was a yellow bastard. I told him he ever laid a hand on you I’d come back and kick the shit outa him.”

David says Stinky never even made eye contact with him for the rest of the school term.

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