The course of true love…

Posted on October 23, 2010


The course of true love…

The course of true love never did run smooth! We opened this discussion with a budding romance that shocked some while titillating others. Like starry eyed teenagers the two lovers spent more time together, holding hands, giggling, nuzzling until… until…. Romeo’s son and daughter-in-law intervened. Why they intervened remains a topic of whispered conversation with the gossipers enjoying a ‘terrible experience’: did the kids feel Pop’s wasn’t getting enough sleep… or that the arthritis in his right hip was acting up… or was the family inheritance possibly at risk? One resident claimed to have heard Juliet asking Romeo for money, but “she hears all kinds of things – her hearing aid’s on the fritiz – she probably heard ‘money’ when the word spoken was actually ‘honey’.”

In any case the tippling Juliet was instructed by the powers that be to cease and desist inflaming Pop’s heart, hip, and whatever else she was setting afire. Her response? That evening she strode into the main dinning room, went to his table, took his head in her hands and planted a great big kiss on his lips glistening with salad dressing. She turned, bowed to the surrounding gawkers, strutted out the door but not before adding a couple of hip flips on the way for good measure. How will it end? Time will tell but the smart money is betting on Juliet.


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