Experts? I don’t think so!

Posted on October 21, 2010


Jenny: “I’ve got a problem. We have all these scientific experts who keep getting it wrong. Weather experts tell us what the temperature  is going to be in 2oo years and yet make   goofball predictions for next week. If you get a group economic experts together you can be sure they’ll screw things up – the only sure way to make money seems to be through insider trading and  golden parachutes. The string theory physicists argue about how many universes there are while each group stand on a wobbly tower of unproven assumptions – change one little scribble in their mathematical shenanigans and the whole tower falls down, medical experts  feed us pills and it seems a month doesn’t go by that they say “oops … we made a mistake, stop taking the blue ones with the yellow stripes and start taking the pink ones with the black stripes. Experts… smeckperts!”

Professor Wiggly: ” Yes, it’s all very confusing. Here’s one way of making sense out of the buzzing confusion. We have the same  size brains as our cave-dwelling ancestors, and yet live in a much more complicated world and nevertheless – like it or not – we have to walk into the unknown future without reliable maps. The problem is that we not only have a need for air, water, food and sex, we also have a need for certainty. And when it isn’t there we make it up, but mostly rely on experts to make it up for us. We need to believe – or we get ansty, grow hives or ulcers, and numb the uncertainty with booze and ‘experts’ … scientific experts, economic experts, religious experts, cosmetic experts … while trying to fill in the gaps in our lives with sports and sitcoms. The search for certainty in an uncertain world is the name of the game Jenny… how about a nice quiet game of chess?”


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