Darwin: No free will

Posted on October 11, 2010


Jenny: ” Some guy named Dennett – who worships Darwin  and evolution says that we have no free will. He claims that all our thoughts and actions are really automatic reflexes, everything – what you do, what you say, what you think, what you feel. You believe that there’s a little you sitting on the top of your brain that’s in control, but that little you is like a back seat driver taking credit for what your reflexes have already done.”

Professor Wiggly: ” Ah yes, Dan Dennett along with Richard Dawkins is one of the radical atheists. He sees our brains as controlled by teams of mini-robots – reflex actions controlled by our genes, and automatic habits programmed by our environment and culture. Your feeling of conscious control is a fascinating illusion – or delusion. It seems so real – the illusion that we have free will, that we’re in control. But he believes that all our behavior is controlled by our genes and our environment not by  a little you sitting on top of your brain. Yes, there’s a little you up there operating controls, but the controls aren’t connected to anything – there like the little steering wheel on a kid’s car seat – the kid learns to turn it to coincide with the driver turning his wheel, and the kid starts actually believing he’s in control of the car. According to Dennett free will is a childish delusion.”

Peter: “I don’t like this stuff – I’m going for a drink.”

Jenny: “No, your teams of mini-robots are taking you for a drink!”

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