The trouble with science?

Posted on October 10, 2010


Peter: ” So the trouble with science is that it doesn’t acknowledge –  its own limitations?”

Professor Wiggly: ” That’s not the trouble with science so much as it is the trouble with some scientists who fail to acknowledge the limited reach of rationality. Scientific ‘truth’ or claims are based on two things: first on available empirical evidence, and second when such evidence is limited or unavailable on how well the claim fits in with current scientific beliefs or theories. Since reliable evidence is never complete – the future remains unknown – all scientific claims  rest on the popular scientific beliefs and theories of the time.”

Jenny: So when we have to deal with problems about which little is known – like what’s going to happen in the future – science is flying by the seat of its pants. That’s why some of its products lead to disaster, that’s why like the rest of us scientists make dumb decisions, marry the wrong person, invest in the wrong stock, behave like arrogant know-it-alls. Like the rest of us they lack reliable evidence about the future so must rely on incomplete information, flimsy theory, hunches, guesses and hope.”

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