Good & Bad: In the name of religion

Posted on October 9, 2010


Peter: ” You can understand why some scientists have trouble with religion. They’re interested in the kinds of things that can be weighted and seen (even if takes an electron microscope). So ‘things’ like Gods and angels make them nervous.”

Jenny: ” But that’s only one part of religion – it also provides hope and trust, it provides help for the poor, it set up the first universities, it gives many people the strength to face the uncertainties of unknown futures, and endure their current burdens.”

Professor Wiggly: ” Jenny, interesting you should mention the first universities. It was a priest who arranged for Darwin to take his voyage on the Beagle where he collected his specimens which led to his theory of evolution. Atheists don’t appreciate that Darwin owes his fame to a priest. Nor do they acknowledge the role of religion in helping millions manage the pain, suffering and uncertainty of daily living – while science in it’s ivory tower offers promissory notes about a better future, but offering no apologies for the current devastations and future threats to our very survival wrought by it’s by-products.”

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