Dawkins and the radical aethiests

Posted on October 7, 2010


Jenny: ” Who do you have in mind when you talk about ‘pie-in-th sky atheists?”

Professor Wiggly: “Richard Dawkins is their most popular spokesman. He’s given up research in order to promote  science and evolutionary theory and to bash religion. While enumerating the limitations of religion he fails to acknowledge that the by-products of science – global warming, super-bugs and nuclear weapons – pose a greater threat to human survival than all religious failings combined over hundreds of years have. What does Dawkins offer to help us meet the uncertainties of the future – nothing  but promissory notes. He sells rationality as the solution to all uncertainties. How do you rationally select a mate – he’s been married three times – what happened to his rationality there?”

Jenny: ” It must be tough to live with a know-it-all. What does Dawkin’s disciple say to a mother cradling her dead child – killed by a hospital induced super-bug: “sorry about that lady, but to make a scientific omelet we have to break a few eggs. Hand me that sack of molecules you’re cradling, we’ll use it for research purposes, go home and with your male mate – that mobile sperm bank – make a new kid, maybe we’ll have a solution to super-bugs by the time it’s admitted to hospital.”

Professor Wiggly: ” We don’t need arrogant, self-righteous scientists. Great scientists recognize their limiteations. As Einstein warned us: those who set themselves up as judges of the truth are shipwrecked by the laughter of the God’s.”


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