Human guinea pigs

Posted on October 4, 2010


Jenny: “So Professor Wiggly, some theories are harder to test than others, maybe impossible – like Hawking’s  promissory note about making a universe from nothing.  And I gather that some theories can be tested but it would be unethical to do so like using human guinea pigs to test medical treatments?”

Professor Wiggly:” Ah you’ve heard recent reports of how the US injected the citizens of another country – Guatemala – with syphilis to see if antibiotics worked. And in the US treatment was withheld from black patients with syphilis to study the natural course of the disease. Also the US  funded secret research in Canada where LSD was given to mental patients to study its effects as a potential truth serum.”

Jenny: “So when they say that science is ‘value free’ it can mean that ethical or moral values can be discarded in the name of science – in searching for ‘the truth’?”

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