Hawking’s Pie in the sky?

Posted on October 3, 2010


Peter: ” So Hawking is saying that you don’t need a God or God like explanations to explain the origins of the universe, but instead that you can produce a universe from nothing?”

Jenny: “Wow! That is one humungous  promissory note. All Einstein promised was that you could produce a very big bang from a bit of stuff – like uranium. You could test his promise in a relatively small space – in a laboratory or in the desert. But where do you produce a universe – even if you could?”

Professor Wiggly:” Interesting question Jenny. But there’s another problem facing any scientists attempting to test Hawking’s promise. How do they measure ‘nothing’? How do they prove  that there’s ‘nothing’ in the box when they try to making ‘something’ in it – even a tiny universe? We keep finding out that there are smaller and smaller bits of stuff. We used to think that atoms were the smallest stuff, then sub-atoms, then strings …. So it looks like we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for scientists to produce something from nothing until the brains decide how you measure nothing, until they figure out how to get all the possible ‘somethings’ outa the box.”

Jenny: “Hoy Hoy… we keep finding stuff we didn’t know was there – germs, genes, and love affairs – a lot of past nothings turn out to be somethings.”

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