Americans dumb about religion!

Posted on September 28, 2010


Jenny: ” Most Americans believe in God and and an after-life, but according to a recent poll they don’t know much about religion. So I guess ‘ignorance is bliss?’. Atheists know more about religion than most believers – Catholics know the least of any group. So tell us professor, is it easier to believe in something the less you know about it?”

Professor Wiggly: ” Yes, there’s some truth in the old ‘ignorance is bliss’ folk wisdom, as indicated in another folk wisdom ‘the honeymoon is over’. Once you get to know more about someone the more complicated your beliefs about them become. Research by Nobel prize winners  – like Herb Simon and  Dan Kahneman – indicate that our beliefs are based on unprovable, emotionally anchored assumptions and selective (cherry-picked) evidence. So religious believers look for and remember positive evidence about religion (e.g., God will fix my problems and Heaven), whereas atheists will look for and remember negative evidence (e.g., no pictures of God nor Angels).”

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