Science likes well-behaved billiard balls

Posted on September 23, 2010


Peter : “So your saying that the scientific method works best in identifying relatively well-behaved bits and pieces such a billiard balls and billiard balls with small brains. So it’s easier now to predict how chinese workers – billiard balls with relatively small minds – will behave, than it is to predict bow American workers – billiard balls with bigger minds – will behave.”

Julia: “Hey Pete – you’re awake. So Prof, you’re saying the more stable the bits and pieces that scientists study the more confidence they can have in their conclusions. So they can be more certain that a chain of iron links will hold, than of a chain of muscle, cells, than a chain of humans holding hands.  That’s why physical science findings are more reliable than biological science findings which are typically more reliable than social science findings. And also why physical scientists and mathematicians can really goof up – as they did in their attempts to predict and manage human investment  behavior. They made the mistake of treating people ( billiard balls with big brains) as if they were all the same (like brainless billiard balls).

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