US vs China

Posted on September 22, 2010


Julia: ” Hey hey – so the US with it’s scientific lead in the physical sciences is leading the world!”

Prof. Wiggly: “Right – but China’s citizens have been brain-washed to follow their leaders – so the masses are like billiard balls with small brains. Therefore, China can make rapid changes in much of its physical world – buildings, transportation, industrial production faster than the US. The mass of chinese citizens – for the time-being are like robots.

Julia: ” I think I get it. But the US has evolved through democratic means a more effective method of government for billiard-balls with big brains.”

Prof Wiggly: ” Maybe we should say the US citizens are more like billiard balls with big “minds” – the Chinese brains are just as big as our, and as they start tasting more economic and cultural freedom (increased standard of living and access to the outside world (eg travel, TV and the internet), their minds will expand rapidly. Then China will be in for major challenges. Their government – use to managing semi-robots – will face major growing pains – demands for more freedom.  Then we’ll find out whether our economic and democratic systems are more viable than  the Chinese communistic and partially controlled free enterprise system.  In a sense the up-coming election in the US is a fight over the place of government in the minds of the people. With the tea-party extremists dreaming of the good old wild west – lots of freedom plus Wyatt Burp – and the extreme Democrats dreaming of love, trust and pixie dust and no garbage.”

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