No faith based reasoning allowed

Posted on September 16, 2010


Professor Wiggly: “Some scientists – like the radical atheist Richard Dawkins – claim that you can replace the faith-based reasoning that we use to manage gaps in our knowledge with rational reasoning and scientific research.

Peter: “ That sounds reasonable.”

Professor Wiggly: “ Yes, but what are we suppose to do while we’re waiting for scientists to fill in the gaps? What are we suppose to do while they argue among themselves? What are we suppose to do while we suffer through bad times caused by one of their earlier magic solutions?”

Peter: “ Like what?”

Professor Wiggly: “ Like the drug resistant, killer super-bugs that resulted from giving too many anti-biotics. How would a atheistic scientist deal with a young mother cradling her dead infant in her arms, the victim of a super-bug, of a hospital induced infection? What do they say? Do they say: ”Sorry about that. Stop your weeping, be rational, be realistic. We’ll probably know how to deal with these infections in five or six years. So hand over that sack of molecules your holding, trot off home and start producing another sack of biochemical’s with your current mate – that mobile sperm bank- that ever-eager gene machine.

Peter: “ But that’s an awful thing to say!”

Professor Wiggle: “ Not if you’re a scientific atheist it isn’t. Remember, no ‘faith-based’ reasoning allowed: not in your own judgment, not in your doctor, not in your pharmacist, not in the driver in the nest lane, and certainly not in a supernatural stuff like Gods or cosmic messenger boys. You only believe stuff that’s been scientifically proven – whatever that means.”

Peter: “ I’m suppose to do scientific studies of my doctor, the pharmacist, the nurses, the drugs, the driver in the next lane… that’s ridiculous.”

Professor Wiggly: “ Seems so – but remember – you’re not allowed to take anything on faith – only on hard evidence, not faith-based reasoning.”

Peter: “What about getting married?”

Professor Wiggly: “ Well you should do a lot of research on your future wife – on her physiology, her psychology, her family, her history – take nothing on faith! “

Peter: “What about love?”

Professor Wiggly: “Hey don’t talk about love – that’s pretty irrational stuff. Don’t ask me how you scientifically select a bride. Ask an atheistic scientist who’s been married three times. But remember, no faith-based reasoning – when he promises to “love you as long as you both shall live – don’t take it on faith. Hire a detective. Better still hire two independent sleuths to make sure that you’re getting reliable, empirical evidence.”

Peter: “Common… that’s silly!”

Professor Wiggly: “That’s right – 99% of our decisions are based on faith-based reasoning, on incomplete and changing evidence.”

Peter: “So where does science fit it?

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