So you’re saying

Posted on September 15, 2010


Peter: ” So you’re saying what?  That science has two kinds of magic – good and bad? That it has good short term magic – like antibiotics, and bad long term magic like superbugs- bugs that we get in hospitals that can’t be killed by anti-biotics and that kill more people than car acidents. And short-term good magic like the combustion engine, and BIG long term bad magic like global warming?

Professor Wiggly: “I’m not saying that scientists do it on purpose. But with the best of intentions scientists lik the rest of us our short-sighted – they can’t see much further into the future than the rest of us.”

Peter:” So where does that leave us?”

Professor Wiggly: ” You tell me – how do we deal with the big problems that face us, as individuals (e.g. cancer, taxes, job loss, death of a child from a super-bug) – or as nation (e.g., economic melt-down, terrorists, greedy bankers, dumb politicians, global warming, spread of nuclear weapons (Iran?)) You tell me?  What do we do while we’re waiting for short term magic from science, and from promises  some scientists that tell us that science is the only thing we can trust???”

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